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Leadership Development

A framework for accelerating performance


Gain guidance to cultivate meaningful connections and chart your way forward.


Strengthen your relationships

By finding a common language

Recognize people’s talents, identities, and experiences to create trust and boost collaboration. By identifying who
people are, and ways to offer support, we enhance the quality of our conversations and increase joint productivity.


Start working as your best team.


“Kelly’s approach is refreshing and relevant. Kelly is highly skilled in being abreast of trends, knowledgeable of best practices, and providing solid recommendations and action items to ensure that the tools and resources provided are easily integrated into the organizational way of work.”

Niila Hebert, CVA

Senior Program Director, AALF


Spark engagement, cultivate growth

Become a situational leader with SLII

Join over 5 million managers using the proven, time-tested SLII leadership model centered around people. Learn how to provide the right guidance at the right time and empower people to find innovative solutions.

Check your
unconscious bias

To strengthen morale, loyalty, and creative output

Together, we can explore our gut reactions by seeking evidence for our assumptions. By learning how to check our behaviors, we gain partners in the people around us and create an environment of autonomous leaders.

unconscious bias

Let’s develop great leaders

We do our best work when we’re working together

We can unpack the challenges holding your team back

and achieve your personal and organizational goals.


Next Session: March 2024 Open Enrollment

Dates: March 19, 21, 22 

For additional details or to register, click the button below.

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