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CoAct Consulting

We co-create stronger people, teams, and communities

Tackle the root cause of your challenges to establish an inclusive culture.


We’re your
accountability partner

And here through your journey

We’re motivated by people, backed by social psychology, and equipped with the compassion necessary to guide you toward understanding yourself and your collaborators.


Kelly is adept at knowing when to push others to meet their potential, as well as allowing them to make mistakes for invaluable and teachable moments of self-reflection. Kelly is also wonderful at meeting people where they are at and seeing each individual and situation as unique.

Patrick Wu

Educational Advisor
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation


Honor the Path

We approach every situation with respect for the people and the process.

Lift Fog

Lift The Fog

With context and clarity, our clients clear the fog and move forward.



Using an asset-based partnering approach, we help people align their actions with their intended impacts.

Lead with Action

Lead with Action

Change doesn’t happen without movement. We lead with action.

Kelly has the unique ability to connect with people in a way that guides groups in a common direction. She skillfully delivers curriculum by recognizing the individual needs of each class member while navigating through the toughest of group dynamics.

Jeff Musumeche

Program Manager,
Career Training Concepts


Get the guidance your team needs

And start communicating openly

Build trusting relationships to boost productivity and reduce costly turnover with accountability for equity and inclusion work.

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