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Intercultural Development

A developmental journey to creating welcoming spaces

Gain practical solutions and contribute to real, community-driven change.


Build foundational, culture-changing trust

To meet the needs of the people around you

When we recognize varied backgrounds and perspectives,we create an inclusive space where people can thrive. Start where you are, and develop your ability to understand the impact of your behaviors.

You’re capable of repairing trust if it is broken.


High Trust Organizations


“Kelly made what could have been a dry, technical training session into something interactive and fun while still being very educational. As a consultant, she was responsive and very accommodating of our specific training needs. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received.”

Mark Chen

Language Education Professional

Identify, honor, and adapt to cultural differences

The Intercultural Development Continuum

Assess your cultural competence using the trusted Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) tool, designed to identify current cultural mindsets. Start shifting your perspective and bridge communication gaps to find a common ground that allows everyone to feel valued, engaged, and involved.


“Due to her enormous impact and contribution to our organization, we sought Kelly out again for a training for our volunteer work force. She has continued to exceed our expectations and has proven to be an asset to our staff and volunteers.”

Niila Hebert, CVA

Senior Program Director, AALF

Gain practical, actionable solutions

By defining inclusive language and processes

Start holding productive conversations directed toward growth and development rather than judgment and resistance. Define diversity through guided activities and self reflections and cultivate an environment where people have the space to speak up


Develop a community
of confident leaders

We do our best work as a team

Let’s unpack the challenges holding your team back
to achieve your personal and organizational goals.

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