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CoAct Leader Insight Study

By harnessing the collective wisdom of
DEI practitioners like you,
we can drive tangible, systemic change.

As practitioners deeply invested in this mission,
we understand the challenges and complexities involved,
both individually and collectively.


Tapping into our collective wisdom

We want to hear about your experience with leaders in organizations. 

Leaders who are passionate about this work and who want to do right by their people often seek guidance on how to effectively champion equity and belonging within their organizations.

Which mindsets and behaviors of your leaders advance equity and facilitate inclusion? And which don’t? 

Unpacking Narrative  Understanding Nuance

This project isn't just about collecting data points; it's about capturing the stories behind the numbers.

Through follow-up interviews and focus groups, we'll delve into the qualitative narratives that accompany the data, shedding light on the experiences of practitioners and how leader behaviors impact the evolution of DEI initiatives.


Thank you, Advisors!

Members of our CoAct Community are serving as advisors on this project, engaging people from  a variety of sectors, intersectional identities, and lived experiences. 

Our advisors gave us feedback on what we are asking and how we are asking it. We made multiple rounds of changes with edits to integrate these perspectives and recommendations.

Advisors: Toya Downy Stewart, Sarah Drake, Roshni Sharma, Chris Taylor, Ned Khatrichettri, Omkar Sawardekar, Marisa Rivera Lugo, Diane Knoepke, Det Sorthepharack, Jenna Udenberg, Kourtney Cockrell, Beth Zemsky, Alma Quiroga, Ngoc Nguyen, Jessica Heiser, Cherisa Zafft

We look forward to sharing our insights back with our community that is working tirelessly for change. 

We hope the insights contribute to a broader dialogue about how we can move forward with actualizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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