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Meet your CoAct Consulting team

top associates

Together, we can transform the systems getting in the way of your personal and organizational goals.

You’re here to make a difference

And we’re here to support you

We have been working with teams and individuals for 20+ years because we believe in your rising impact. Contact us so we can collaborate on what you want to achieve.


Kelly C. Weiley


President & Principal

Kelly is dedicated to creating informed leaders and culturally conscious communities. She has trained more than 35,000 people, urging them to practice skills that improve performance, foster growth, and nurture effective leaders. She holds people accountable and nudges them toward personal progress so they can meet their definition of success.


Kourtney Cockrell


President & Principal

Kourney has spent 20 years working with organizations to increase access and opportunity for marginalized students and young professionals across higher education, nonprofit, and private sectors. Her expertise lies in college access, social justice education, organizational change, nonprofit management, and talent management.


Chris Taylor


Consulting Associate

Chris has 15 years of diversity and inclusion experience working to create systemic change within cultural organizations. He has developed innovative techniques to embed inclusive strategy and practice into the core functions of museums, theaters, nonprofit organizations, and state government systems.

Diane Knoepke


Consulting Associate

Diane is committed to intersectional learning, rejecting the status quo, and designing for social and organizational justice. Her two decades of experience as a strategy consultant and chief of staff have allowed her to transform more than 100 social, private, and public sector organizations.


We can work through the hard stuff together

And celebrate the wins as a team

Connect with us to figure out what’s really going on and start making things happen.

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