happens in community.

Your partner in diversity, equity and inclusion work. Let’s get to the root and catalyze change.

You weren’t meant to do it alone.

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Co = Together

Act = Action

Teams make things happen

With CoAct Consulting, you can turn ideas into joint action by facing challenges without shutting down.

We figure out what’s really going on

Through collaborative, meaningful work

You and your team can handle your challenges. We custom-blend coaching, advising, and consulting to guide the way.

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Let’s co-create space for fundamental change

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We design sessions to cultivate trust and hone your team’s capacity to lead effectively.

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We engage your team in real-world practice so they can build the environment they need to succeed.

I want to hire Kelly as a consultant for my family, friends, church, and former businesses. She knows her stuff and weaves readings with practical application in a way that makes heavy topics feel approachable. She always accepts me where I am in my journey and meets me there.

There is no judgment or condemnation – just pure joy and acceptance that I am looking to improve. Her level of effort made me want to do my best, not for a grade, but for the deep learning.

Student, Masters of Learning and Organizational Change

Northwestern University

About Kelly

20+ years of learning and consulting

Kelly is the Principal of CoAct Consulting and has empowered over 35,000 people to take informed action.

Her expertise lies in deeply understanding people and supporting teams to achieve their definition of success.

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