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Navigating Difficult

An in-depth program for handling
challenging communication

Let’s find the strategies you need to make tough discussions easier and more productive.

Get support for the hard stuff

A relevant curriculum for daily life

Your experiences guide our sessions as we identify the skills you need to overcome your obstacles. Explore, practice, and take action with facilitators who adapt based on your learning.

Gain a network of support and encouragement.


Your path to understanding others and expressing yourself

With clarity and power

You will progressively add tools to your unique relationship-building toolkit. Start on your journey to solving problems and enhance communication skills, while celebrating the wins along the way.

“Kelly is a great energizer as an instructor. She keeps us on track (in the best way possible) and allows us to dig in where we need to. She’s extremely knowledgeable, but opened up the space for others to share their experience. It’s clear she cares about the content as well as us learning as much as possible.”

Student, Masters of Learning and Organizational Change

Northwestern University

Create lasting
change, find
continued success

By tackling the root cause

Skill building takes time, and we take the time you need to see situations in a new light. Cultivate trust, identify setbacks, and develop a plan of action to be ready for your next challenging conversation.


Start talking openly
and honestly

And make tough conversations easier

Let’s unpack the challenges holding your team back
to achieve your personal and organizational goals.

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