Guided learning for white folks committed to change

Together, we can identify systems of domination and uncover our roles in dismantling them.

Make a radical difference

By engaging in deeper anti-racism work

Start unlearning harmful norms through deeper knowledge of yourself, others, and situations. See what’s happening in a new light and take action to facilitate a truly inclusive environment.

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Before EMERGE, I felt overwhelmed and powerless. I didn’t know how I could support positive change in an effective way.

EMERGE made me think deeper about my own practices and how we may be unintentionally leaving people out.


EMERGE Program Participant

Co = Together Act = Action image

Understand, unpack, unlearn

In a space people feel comfortable asking questions

Join a journey of one-on-one coaching, group dialogue, and community support and get options for immediate, meaningful action.

Prior to attending EMERGE, I was frozen in fear; fear of my own biases, fear of making mistakes, fear of offending others, fear of being labeled ‘racist,’ and fear of the unknown.

After completing the EMERGE program, I can name and process my fear without letting it hold me back. I’ve learned how to create space for myself and others to show up authentically while honoring one anothers’ lived experiences.

Kelly’s training and coaching has helped me feel empowered to stand up, engage in difficult conversations, and identify ways I can take action in my personal life, at work, and in my community.


EMERGE Program Participant

Start your journey to informed action

And start navigating tough conversations

Let’s unpack the challenges holding your team back so we can transform the systems getting in the way of personal and organizational goals.

EMERGE program
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