With 15+ years of experience and more than 30 clients on our roster,

CoAct Consulting has touched the lives of more than 20,000 individuals.

We partner effectively with both public and private sector organizations,

and love working with companies both large and small.

Here are a few of our clients and their thoughts on our collaborative process:

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“Kelly C. Weiley’s personality and energy make her a natural facilitator. She has a background in music and performance which allow her to put groups at ease while easily commanding control and attention of the room. Kelly’s ability to engage participants from a wide range of backgrounds while ensuring a safe space is impressive. Kelly has a strong background in social identity theory, critical race theory, and dialogue work, which she incorporates into her workshops and activities. Kelly is comfortable talking about power and privilege and remains cognizant of how her identities are showing up in the room. I have participated in countless workshops on diversity and inclusion and am an alumna of the Intergroup Dialogue Program at the University of Michigan, and Kelly C. Weiley remains to be one of the strongest and most impressive facilitators that I’ve worked with.”


Kourtney Cockrell

Director of the Center for Student Enrichment Services

Northwestern University

"I have had the fortune of both attending Kelly's workshops as well as working with her to schedule her for trainings. To each of these, Kelly masterfully engages the participants through her great spirit, wonderful activities, and thoughtful content. Kelly consistently impresses me and stands out from other presenters. It has been such a pleasure to work with her, and I give her my highest recommendation!"

Emma Olsen

Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation

"Working with and learning from Kelly C. Weiley is one of the most important growth experiences I've had. Kelly is not only extremely knowledgeable about leadership, community and social change, and diversity work, she also has vast experience putting that into action. This makes Kelly's sessions extremely genuine and engaging so the learning feels natural and energizing rather than a sit and stare contest. I have not only watched Kelly coach multiple high-demand staff members through real teaching and leadership challenges, I have received that coaching firsthand. Kelly has the ability to meet you where you are in coaching while never losing sight of the goals of our work and the broader goals of community. Her kindness and individual attention makes it easy to come to her with your challenges, and I always have confidence she'll lead me in the right direction. I am so grateful that I have Kelly as a guide and educator in my life, and she should be your go-to as well."

Elizabeth Miller

Assistant Director,

Office of Community Engagement

The College of William and Mary

"Kelly has been an invaluable resource and member of the staff training team. My program team has to train and build community among hundreds of staff members, of all ages and ranges of experience, in a short time frame each year. Kelly always does a masterful job of assessing needs and planning collaboratively, creating dynamic sessions, and providing high-quality programming. Feedback about her sessions on community building, diversity and inclusion is always positive, and when suggestions are given, she incorporates them for continuous improvement. And, as great leaders should, Kelly has great energy and enthusiasm for her work.

Susan Corwith

Associate Director,

Center for Talent Development

"I had the honor and privilege of working with Kelly as a lead facilitator, instructor, and academic dean with Northwestern University's Civic Education Project. Kelly is a fantastic supervisor, colleague, and mentor who always puts the needs of students and staff before her own. Consistently aware of the diverse needs of the everyone in a group setting, Kelly has strong facilitation skills that are a balance of meticulous planning and the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the group. She is adept at knowing when to push others to meet their potential, as well as allowing them to make mistakes for invaluable and teachable moments of self-reflection. Kelly is also wonderful at meeting people where they are at and seeing each individual and situation at unique. As she puts it herself, "the world is not black and white, nor even gray. It is Technicolor." Kelly is a great model in respecting the diverse perspectives of a group as well as teaching others to find value in one another's opinions, no matter how disparate they may be to one's own. She has a very special skill set that few others in the world possess to help both individuals and groups meet their goals for good, especially when it comes to the values of fighting social injustice, facilitating service-learning, and appreciating diversity."

Patrick Wu

Educational Advisor,

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

"Kelly provided Life After AmeriCorps training from our large Corps of Promise Fellows. She was GREAT to work with as we set up the training and very clear and detail orientated. She is a very dynamic training and keep folks engaged and drew on multiple learning styles. She does excellent work!"

Sarah France Ullmer

MN Alliance With Youth,

Promise Fellow Training Director

"Kelly is a skilled trainer and facilitator who has worked with diverse populations and client bases. She is client-centered in her planning, execution and evaluation, and seeks to provide clients and partners with a high-quality experience from start to finish. It is rare to find a trainer so well versed in issues of social justice and skilled at curriculum writing, who can also execute an interactive, educational workshop or training."

Lindsay Wall Succari


Civic Education Project

"Of all the great trainers I have had the opportunity to work with across the globe; Kelly C. Weiley is among the best. She has a strong understanding of sound organizational and leadership principals and her knowledge, sensitivity and energy keeps individuals focused and engaged. Kelly has the unique ability to connect with people in a way that guides groups in a common direction. She skillfully delivers curriculum by recognizing the individual needs of each class member while navigating through the toughest of group dynamics. Kelly is a dynamic and skillful facilitator, bar none."

Jeff Musumeche

Program Manager,

Career Training Concepts

Kelly is a dynamo among dynamos. She is a lead designer and collaborator in developing several new graduate-level courses in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice here at Northwestern. Our students are organizational and people leaders – reflective practitioners driving learning and change in their current and future organizations. As a member of our faculty, Kelly has been an incomparable partner and advisor to our staff, faculty, students, and broader community of learners. From content curation to expert virtual facilitation and everything in between, Kelly is invaluable to our mission of equipping leaders with the vision, knowledge, and skills to facilitate sustainable positive organizational transformation.

Diane Knoepke

Associate Director of Student Affairs Masters in Learning & Organizational Change

Northwestern University