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Engaged, communicative, respectful workplaces brim with creativity, efficiency, and loyalty.

CoAct Consulting exists to work with employers and employees on building essential skills for success: how to listen to, respect, and understand one another. It sounds so simple, but in our complex and diverse world, without realizing it workplaces can unwittingly devolve into high-pressure, low-tolerance environments that prioritize results above all else. Companies forget that they are built and run by people, individuals with unique worldviews and specific needs. And when those needs are met – making employees feel appreciated and valued – they work harder, stay with companies longer, and contribute to a productive, efficient, healthy working environment.

CoAct Consulting offers custom-built training and coaching packages to both public and private sector organizations. With more than a decade of experience training on topics such as; creating inclusive environments, Situational Leadership II®, unconscious bias, and diversity in service, we bring a broad range of subject-specific expertise and understanding to the table.

Let’s partner to create a respectful, efficient, thriving workplace.


CoAct Values

Kelly C. Weiley bio
Kelly C. Weiley
President & Principal
We help people become their better versions of themselves. Using an asset-based partnering approach, we strengthen individuals, teams & communities.
We approach every situation with respect for the person/people and the process.
We help to provide context and clarity for our clients to clear the fog and allow people to see the way forward.
Because change isn’t possible without movement, we lead by action.

Kelly brings boundless energy and passion to her trainings and deep empathy and understanding to her coaching sessions. But she’s no pushover: Kelly’s dedication to creating informed leaders and culturally conscious communities drives her to hold people accountable and nudge them toward personal progress. As a passionate educator and leader, Kelly strives to reach every learner in the room. By making topics active and relevant to participants’ daily lives, she invites each person to share, contemplate, discuss, and become an integral part of the experience while feeling safe and supported.


Previously, Kelly facilitated award-winning residential service-learning experiences for high school students and staff at the Civic Education Project (CEP), and partnered with six Boston public schools and a career center to connect struggling young people to employment opportunities through the Year 13 program. Kelly works across sector and in her 18+ years of working with individuals of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, she has trained over 25,000 people on topics ranging from creating social change, diversity & inclusion, and intercultural competency, to navigating difficult conversations, situational leadership, and effective facilitation.


Kelly currently serves on the National Advisory Board for Equity in the Center, an initiative that works to shift mindsets, practices, and systems within the social sector to increase racial equity. Kelly holds a Master of Science degree in Social Responsibility from St. Cloud State University where she has also taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in Human Relations and Multicultural Education. Kelly currently serves as Adjunct Faculty for Northwestern University in the School of Education and Social Policy and has previously taught at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas. Kelly draws upon her classroom experiences to root her trainings in research and theory, but always circles back to how principles apply to individuals, urging them to practice skills that improve performance, foster growth, and nurture effective leaders.

Kelly’s work creates stronger people, teams, and communities. When she partners with your organization, you’ll see how quickly her trainings transform your workplace into an environment that fosters and retains devoted employees.

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